Sunday, 28 August 2016


As some of you may know if you follow me on twitter I recently went to V festival down in Chelmsford and had the best time ever! It was honestly so much fun! Although I'm a real girly girl and yes I had my nails done for the occasion, I do love a good festival and have been to a fair few over the years. I'm certainly not a fan of the vile portaloo's and the fact that the closest you'll get to a shower and feeling clean is by using a whole pack of baby wipes however I can overcome that for a few days camping in a field with great company and fab music along the way.


Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Hello you lovely lot! Today's post is a special mid-week edition featuring my must-see picks for Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

If you're in Edinburgh or near the area during August, I HIGHLY recommend you go down and visit the fringe festival. It has such an amazing buzz and atmosphere to it and there is some fantastic talent showcased throughout the city from comedians, drama play's, dancing and even singing! I thought since I went down for the festival fun at the beginning of August it was only right I shared with you my festival favourites!

I've got to say, this was one of my favourites things to see at Fringe! It's set in a cabaret bar and the idea is that Anna is on a blind date at a kareoke bar and each night she improvises the whole date meeting a new actor every night. She does not find out who is her blind date until the show starts and they walk into the room. The whole evening is led by the director who is texting and calling the actors as the evening goes on. It is honestly brilliant and I'd go and watch it every night as each evening would be so different.

Saturday, 13 August 2016


So now that the festival season is well underway, I thought I'd share with you my festival wishlist as I'll be off to V Festival down in Chelmsford next weekend and I'm SO excited. I'm a huge festival fan and having been to Glastonbury for many years along with Leeds Festival, Wakestock and V festival once before, I thought that to get me in the mood and ready to cover myself in glitter, I'd talk you through my festival wishlist for 2016!

Chunky Glitter
Festivals are ALL about the glitter and to tell you the truth, I am probably most excited about going to V Festival and putting on the glitter make up! This chunky hexagon glitter is a bargain at just 99p per pot and will make you look festival fabulous!


Saturday, 6 August 2016


As you may know if you follow me on twitter, I'm desperate to get another holiday booked in the sun! I NEED to get out of this terrible UK weather and get in the sun! My boyfriend and I are hoping to get away in September for a long weekend break so that means I've got 1 month to prepare myself for a holiday! Today I thought I'd share with you all of my favourite products that I use to prepare for my summer holiday.

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