Wednesday, 20 September 2017


You can't beat burning candles when the weather gets cold and it gets darker in the evenings. I love candles, especially those with a cranberry or vanilla scent; they're my absolute favourites. As it's nearly October (WHAT) I thought I'd share my top 10 winter candles!

Yankee Candle | Cranberry Ice
The Cranberry Ice Yankee Candle is my all time favourite candle. I absolutely LOVE this scent. It smells amazing. It smells like red berries and it's a sweet scent. Honestly, if you haven't smelt it, I highly recommend.

Yankee Candle | Christmas Cookie
This candle smells like baking. It's a rich vanilla scent and smells like cookies (no shit Sherlock!) It smells delicious; good enough to eat.

Yankee Candle | Christmas Garland
I've always wanted to find a candle that smells like Christmas trees. I LOVE the smell of the pines and this candle smells exactly like that but with a zesty twist of cranberries.

Woodwick | Evening Bonfire
There is nothing better than the smell of a bonfire. It makes me feel all warm and cosy inside and this candle smells exactly like a bonfire on a November evening. It's got the scent of the fire and the woods.

Woodwick | Jolly Gingerbread
I love gingerbread scents and obviously gingerbread just reminds me of Christmas. This candle literally smells like a gingerbread house. So so good.

Woodwick | Vanilla Bean
As I've said before I love vanilla scents and this candle smells divine. It's a really sweet scent but it just makes me feel so relaxed when I burn it.

Woodwick | Fireside
This fireside scented candle is a musky scent and makes you feel so cosy. It has a hint of amber and smells similar to the evening bonfire one.

Woodwick | Cranberry
Another cranberry scent but oh my god it just smells so sweet and amazing. I am obsessed.

White Company | Winter
The winter scented candle from the White Company smells like cinammon and orange and is a real warm spicy scent. It smells exactly like the festive season.

Bath and Body Works | Sweater Weather
Again this candle smells like fresh woods with a splash of berries. I personally just like the name of this more than anything. Love a good candle when it's sweater weather!

What are your favourite winter candles?



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  1. Christmas cookie is my all time favourite one! I really want to go on a candle haul now lol!


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