So September is here, and I start my new Job on Monday. Although I'm excited for something new, the realisation has set in that our summer is now officially over, so I thought what better time to write a post about my two amazing summer holidays this year (both of which happened to be in Majorca!)

Majorca May 2014:
The first holiday I went on this year was with my Boyfriend James. It was our first holiday together and we decided to jet off to Alcudia, a small town in Majorca. We went in May so it wasn't 80 degrees every day, but the weather was on our side and we only really had one bad weather day!

We decided to go all inclusive to keep costs down as I'm a student and Jay is a recent graduate (money to us certainly doesn't grow on trees). The food was ok, some days we enjoyed it more than others and it did get rather repetitive after a few days. By the end of the holiday we were glad to be able to eat more of a variety!! The huge benefit to the all inclusive however, was the free alcohol, any time of day. The sex on the beach cocktail became my best friend on that holiday!

The holiday itself was lovely. We enjoyed exploring the island together and sunbathing by the pool everyday! We even managed to fit in a game of crazy golf too (I lost!) It was overall an amazing first holiday together and it was lovely to spend time together in the sun away from the rainy England that we left behind!

Majorca August 2014:

The second holiday I embarked on this year was again to Majorca, however this time it was to a lovely place called Port Pollensa and I went with my family; My mum and dad, twin sister Chess and brother Connor.

We've visited Pollensa before, although last time we stayed in the Old Town, and this time we were in the Port. We rented a little bungalow house in the hills, but was only a short walk down to the Port. The Port itself was beautiful and full of life. There was a huge range of restaurants and a lovely Pine walk around the beach with beautiful views too.

The house we rented had it's own pool and my mum and I spent every day in the Sun putting in our tanning hours (well worth it as I was definitely very brown when I left!) There were lots of little seating areas and there was even a BBQ which we all enjoyed one night! The pool was so relaxing, and the Lilo's became a quick favourite when the Sun became too hot and we needed to cool down (there were numerous arguments on who gets a turn!)

We spent lovely quality time together as a family before I move away to start my new Job and my sister jets off to New York for the year! The perfect end to a lovely summer.

I hope you all had a good summer because I certainly did!

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