So it's October and this means that it's getting nearer to Christmas! Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. I love so many things about the autumn months and the autumnal trends! I love spending my evenings sat by the fire with blankets and jumpers and hot chocolates watching crappy TV like the x factor and writing Christmas lists! I could tell you hundreds of reasons why I love this time of year, but I've written down 12 below!

Things I LOVE about Autumn:

1. Cosy jumpers
2. Warm drinks (especially Hot Chocolates)
3. Cold weather because it means we can put the fire on and get all cosy!
4. Dark evenings
5. Halloween and Pumpkins
6. Bonfires, sparklers and fireworks
7. Candles
8. The colour of the Autumn leaves and conkers falling from the trees
9. Onesies and big woolly socks
10. Lots of cuddling
11. Movie Nights with lots of chocolate and blankets
12. The feeling that Christmas is approaching

What makes you excited about this time of year?

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