I'm not ashamed to say.. I Love Primark! Being a student is hard and you can't always afford Topshop clothes or Miss Selfridges, so I seem to navigate towards the good old Primarni!! I popped into the Primark in Manchester to use up a gift card that my mum had bought me for Christmas and I managed to grab a fair few bargains!

I picked up a new cosy jumper which was half price at only £7! The jumper is a pale bluey lilac colour and is extremely warm and cosy! I know winter is nearly over, but you can never have too many jumpers in your wardrobe and it's still absolutely freezing in Manchester so I know I'll get use out of it.

I went a little bag crazy during this trip to Primark.. I actually bought three bags!! The first bag I picked up was a lovely new "weekend" bag. The bag is fairly large and is a light grey colour with Gold hardware. It is quite roomy and has an outer zip compartment and a large compartment on the inside with a small inner zip pocket. The bag was only £12 and what I'd call a complete bargain as I've been looking for a new weekend bag for so long. I used to use my gym bag or one of my dads Hugo Boss Weekend Bags, but I never felt like either of them were very feminine so it was about time I got a new one!

The second bag I bought was another Grey one, however this one was a handbag. It looks very sleek and so much more expensive than the £10 I paid for it. I love it so much that I'm seriously considering going back to buy a baby pink and a black version!! The bag has two compartments; one is a clasp fastening and is fairly slim so you'd probably only be able to fit a small laptop or diary/notepad in it rather than a bulky purse or make up bag, however the second compartment, which is secured with a zip fastening, is more roomy and is what I'd use as the main compartment. The bag also comes with a long adjustable shoulder strap too so it's very handy if it suddenly got heavy!

I also bought a small baby blue bag which is something that is really different from what I'd normally go for. I usually stick to black bags and have hardly ever bought anything else, however this bag really caught my eye. The bag itself was £8 and is about half the size in comparison to the Grey handbag. It's a bag I think I'd use on holiday, or if I'm going out on a date with my boyfriend, or a night out. I like to fill my bags with all sorts of stuff, however I'm glad I purchased a smaller one too.

Next from Primark I bought something that I would never usually buy for myself, but I bought some new headphones. I always normally use the crap Iphone headphones that you get with your Iphone but I thought I'd try something different!! These headphones were a bargain at £6 and are matte white. They're very like the Beats style headphones and with me travelling back and forth home to Liverpool or to see my Boyfriend in Sheffield every other weekend I thought they'd come in handy! I absolutely love them! The sounds quality is really good for £6 and they're comfy to wear too! I would definitely recommend you going to get yourself a pair.. they come in black too so I bought my brother a pair!

The final thing I bought from Primark this month was a pair of boots. I know winter is nearly over and the shops have already started putting out their bikinis and sandals, however my boots broke on the way to work the other week so I urgently needed to replace them. The boots I bought were only £10 and have a quilted pattern on them. I absolutely love them! They're perfect for work as they are black and practical, but also fashionable too. I really like the fact that I can wear them for work, with leggings, jeans or even dresses and skirts! Very versatile and a perfect addition to my wardrobe!

What have you guys been buying lately?

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