So I have been reading blogs for a while now and I love finding out about people's lives and the things they're loving and enjoying so I thought I'd share with you my favourites!!

1. The first blog I've been loving to read has been a girl called Hannah Gale . She's a similar age to me and after reading her blog we seem similar in many ways. I have a serious obsession with writing lists (I'm writing one now!) On her blog she has a category for lists which I just LOVE! Go and check her out!

2. All I need to say about my next favourite blogger is her name... Carly Rowena. She is such an inspiration to me. I am trying to be more healthy and generally lead a better lifestyle. I want to start working out again and reading her posts and watching her YouTube channel has really helped me motivate myself and inspired me to become healthier and fitter.

3. The Londoner is one of my favourite blogs for finding new recipes. Like I previously said, I am trying to be more healthy and eat clean and her posts really help inspire my lifestyle changes.

4. I've been loving reading Chloe's blog a lot recently. My bank balance may not be loving me reading her blog so much, but I certainly love it! She has a wishlist section and I don't want to sound like I stalk her blog or anything but I do spend most evenings reading her wishlists and get so excited when she uploads a new one!

5. Make Up Savvy has some amazing posts on her blog but her eBay bargains posts are so good. I share the same style as her and every time she posts a new list I'm online on eBay adding things to by basket. Sorry bank balance.

6. Like Make Up Savvy, I've been loving Vipxo's blog. She has amazing eBay wishlists and because everything she lists is so affordable, I can't help but log into my eBay account and browse the fashion trends.

7. Eat Yourself Skinny has some amazing healthy recipes on their blog. Trying to change my eating habits is a real challenge but it's blogs like this that help to keep me on track!

8. Career Girl Daily's blog is amazing for her shopping section. I know, I think I have an obsession with shopping or at least with making wishlists of things I want to buy!! This blog is a fab read before making a brew and browsing the shops online, tucked up in bed.

9. I love the favourites section on Girl With Makeup's blog. Again, my bank balance probably doesn't enjoy it as much as I do, but I love finding out what other people are loving and trying out new products on the market. If any one ever has any recommendations for me then leave a comment below!

10. The final blog in my top 10 favourite blogs of the moment is A Beautiful Mess. The craft section on this blog is incredible. If you're like me and you love getting crafty and doing DIY's then you'll love this blog. Whether you're wanting to change up your bedroom d├ęcor, or make some unique jewellery to give someone as a gift, this blog has it all.

Let me know the bloggers you're loving at the minute.

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