Alcohol does bad things to you...

Here are just 10 things that us girls do on a night out and probably wouldn't do if we were sober!

1.Think that you had moves like Beyonce and perform those said moves in the middle of the dance floor for everyone to see

2. Think that going to the loo is like going on a school trip where 5 or more girls try and pile into one cubicle

3. Post 10,000 Snapchat's in a row of things you don't want the world to see and then regret those pictures in the morning (after the everyone has already seen them!)

4. Think it's a good idea to buy lots of alcohol for not only you but also all of your friends too

5. Over order fast food after a night out (You never just order 6 chicken nuggets it's always got to be a share box!)

6. Get involved in arguments about trivial things with your "best friends"

7. Drunk text - yes we've all done it before! I've learnt it's always best to keep your phone off on a night out

8. Loose all the friends you arrived with and leave with a bunch of new ones that you'll probably never see again

Come on girls, admit it .. it's not just me that looks like this after a night out and does all of the above!

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