I'm a 21 year old girl and I grew up in the 90's and it makes me sad to think that kids these days will never experience some of the great things that I did as a 90's kid.

Here are 20 things that you would remember if you were a 90's Kid:
1. Freddos were 10p

2. Blind date was the show to watch on a Saturday night

3. Turkey Twizzlers existed in primary school

4. Woolworths (the best shop ever)

5. Buying your clothes from Tammy Girl

6. MSN Messenger

7. Myspace

8. Gel Pens

9. A brief case full of art supplies

10. Saved by the Bell

11. Tapes, not DVDS

12. Atomic Kitten (Arguably the best Girl band ever)

13. A goey alien in a plastic egg shaped pod

14. The Macerena

15. The Teletubies
16. 2 words. Spice Girls

17. Hairband's with your name on

18. Being excited when the TV was rolled into the classroom on wheels at primary school

19. Everyone wore Combats

20. Art Attack (aka the best show ever)

I hope this makes you laugh and reminisce.

(Throwback to my twin sister and I back in the 90's)

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