Today's post is all about how I stay motivated. Staying motivated can be tough. Some days I will wake up feeling ready for the day and feel very motivated, then on other days I can feel the complete opposite. I'm sure you all feel the same right? Below are a couple of tips that help me keep motivated and hopefully it'll help some of you too.

I set myself goals
Whether it's goals in relation to blogging, my work & uni life or my fitness journey, I always find that setting myself goals helps to keep me motivated. It's really important to make your goals realistic, if you set them too high you'll only be deflated when you don't reach them. I usually write down what my goals are, why I want to achieve them and a realistic time frame for when I can complete them.

For example with regards to my fitness journey, I know that I am going on holiday in August (roughly just under 20 weeks away). I want to loose a stone by then. That is not unrealistic. If I stick to my healthy eating and exercise daily, there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to loose a pound a week. I wrote down the reasons why I wanted to loose that amount of weight and also printed out some pictures to help keep me motivated. If I was to say I wanted to loose a stone in 4 weeks, that is unrealistic and I'd only be deflated when I haven't lost the weight.

I get organised

It is SO important to be organised. I personally like to write things down in a diary. I have a diary for my personal life, a diary for at work/uni and a notebook for blogging. I am a list maker - I love making them so I find this extremely helpful in making me stay motivated. I always try and plan ahead of my week by making sure I've scheduled blog posts/social media tweets, written a meal and exercise plan and listed all the other things I need to do that week. It makes it so much easier having a clear picture and keeps you focus and stay on track.

I make sure I have "Me" Time
I think this step is really important. If I don't make time for myself then I get stressed and worked up and then feel unmotivated. Even if your "Me" time is only making a cup of tea and watching YouTube for a couple of hours, having a bath or painting your nails, having that time will really help you to de-stress and help get you in the mood to continue working towards your goals.

I treat myself every now and again
Sometimes we all just need to go shopping and buy ourselves something new, or have a day off from the diet and have a takeaway. Even though this can sometimes take you off track, I find that treating myself every so often helps with my mood. Shopping makes me happy and therefore when I'm happy I'm much more motivated to go about my day and reach my goals.

I hope these tips have helped some of you. Let me know how you keep motivated in the comments below.

Remember staying motivated is a day-to-day thing - it takes time to get into a routine and sometimes you will go off track and have a day where you really don't feel like doing anything. Take some time out and just relax, then you'll be in a much better mood the next day to start off on track.

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