Back in February it was my 21st Birthday and one of my birthday presents from my Boyfriend was a surprise weekend away. Fast forward almost a month later, we arrive at Sheffield Station ready to board a train, and I still don't know where I'm going!

The destination of the train was Glasgow but I had no idea whether that's where we were heading or whether it was one of the stops along the way. After an hour on the train, my boyfriend Jay finally told me to get my bags and get ready to get off, at which point the tannoy announced that we were approaching ...YORK!

I'd never been to York before but had heard great things about it so I was super excited to be going for the weekend and spending a couple of days away with my Boyfriend.

We stayed at the lovely York Guest house which was very old fashioned but super cute. The guest house was situated by the river so we were able to walk into town along the riverbank every morning and it was beautiful.

The room that we were staying in was fairly modern considering the rest of the guest house was quite old fashioned but it was the beautiful surroundings that stole the show for me. That and the lovely full English breakfast each morning .. which was an added bonus!!

During the weekend we did numerous different things. We enjoyed walking into the city centre along the river, visiting all the usual tourist attractions which included; The York Chocolate Story, York Minister, York Dungeons, Clifford's Tower, The Roman Baths, Richard III Experience and Jorvik Viking Centre as well as going out for Dinner both evenings.

I never normally like the idea of visiting historical places...I literally hated history in school and it's just something that's never really interested me, but I'm really glad we went and did those things because I loved spending time with my boyfriend and finding out about York all at the same time! On our final day we also walked along the castle wall which took you all around the city and it was so beautiful.

We had two gorgeous evening meals at two lovely restaurants whilst we were in York, both very different. On the first evening, we hadn't booked anywhere so we wandered around the centre of York and came across a restaurant called Hollywood which had an upbeat vibe. The food was delicious and the cocktails were even better (my boyfriend and I had about 3 jugs between us!) I had a steak with sweet potato fries and my boyfriend had a burger with sweet potato fries and we both really enjoyed it. After dinner we headed over to another bar for a couple of drinks and then headed back to our hotel.

On the second evening, my boyfriend had booked us dinner at a lovely authentic Italian restaurant that he'd had recommended to him. The restaurant was called Caffe Dell Opera and was situated just off the river bank. It was very different to restaurants that my boyfriend and I normally find ourselves in as we're students so usually dine at restaurants like TGI's or Pizza Express, however we really enjoyed ourselves and the food was gorgeous..

I can't thank my boyfriend enough for taking me away for the weekend, it was a lovely surprise and I loved every minute of it.

If you haven't been to YORK before, I definitely recommend it. It is beautiful.

Have any of you guys been to YORK before?

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