I honestly can't tell you how upset and angry this #KylieJennerLipChallenge makes me. I know it's not her fault - she isn't encouraging people to do stupid things by sucking from a shot glass to create bigger lips, however her massively overdrawn lip secrets that she won't share with the public are making young girls seriously hurt themselves.

I know young girls these days like to follow trends and experiment with make up, but this is taking things way too far. It may be a trend, but you don't always have to follow it.

I can't understand how young girls are using these lip suction devices that are so bad for you. I bet you've all seen the damage that can be done to your lips - why would you want to risk damaging your lips when you're so young? I've seen people use shot glasses and jars which is ridiculous and looks so painful. Girls have bruised their lips and some people's have even bleed. I've not see one person get a good result.

Do you really think it's worth the risk of burst blood vessels and bruising - all for plump lips for just half an hour?

I mean the positive thing is that at least young girls aren't going to get lip injections but using these devices is dangerous and no one should be encouraging young girls to follow the trend.

If Kylie Jenner told people how she created these big lips instead of keeping it a secret, girls might start following that trend which is safe. Let's face it our lips are never going to look like Kylie's, we don't have professional make up artists making us look good every day, we're just learning the skills as best we can, but at least doing it this way is safe and won't cause long term damage to your lips.

People should embrace their features. I have a thin top lip, but if I want to create a fuller lip, I'll use plumping lip gloss and a lip pencil to try my best to enhance my features - not completely change them.

Let me know in the comments if you guys want to see how I create fuller lips without these devices and tell me your thoughts on this #KylieJennerLipChallenge. If you're thinking of purchasing one of these devices - please think about it again.

Do you really want to risk long term damage all for 30 minutes of fuller lips?

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