I've been watching YouTube for a long time now and I always love discovering new people to watch so I thought I'd share with you guys my Top 10 YouTubers and hopefully you'll discover one or two that you weren't subscribed to before.

1. VelvetGh0st
I absolutely love Gabby's videos! She is probably my favourite YouTuber right now. I've been subscribed to her since the very beginning when I first started watching YouTube videos. I've watched her grow as a person and I feel as though I can relate to her because she's the same age as me and she comes from Sheffield which is where I go to University.

If you love all things beauty and fashion you'll love her channel. She does brilliant make up tutorials and I think her fashion sense is unique and current. My favourite videos of hers are Vlogs because I love to see what she gets up to and I was also obsessed with her Homeware Hauls that she did when she was moving out - I literally bought everything she hauled! Seriously though, definitely go and give her a follow she's amazing. She also has a blog too which is fab!

2. Niomi Smart
Firstly Niomi is stunning. She does a lot of healthy recipe videos which I love to watch, she also does haul videos and beauty tutorials too. I like watching Niomi because she's real, she is herself and she seems so lovely and down to earth. I think her fashion sense is amazing, she wears sleek pieces that are classy and professional looking and I love that about her. Go check her out!

3. The SacconeJolys
This may sound random to a lot of my fashion and beauty viewers, but the SacconeJolys are an Irish Family living in the UK who vlog their everyday life. They have the cutest children ever and I watch their daily vlogs every day. They literally feel like friends and it feels like I've known the family forever, even though I've never met them. I've watched them grow as people, I've seen both Anna and Jonathan deliver their cute puppies, have their two beautiful children and share there happiest of memories with viewers like me. If you like having a nosey into peoples lives and love watching daily vlogs, then this is the family to watch. They are amazing and I urge you all to go and give them some love by going to Subscribe to their channel!

4. Ugly Face Of Beauty
This girl is an inspiration. Like Gabby, I've watched Gracie pretty much since the very beginning. I have seen this girl grow into one of the most beautiful people. She is kind, strong and empowering. Gracie does vlogs, hauls (my favourites to watch), beauty videos and tag videos. She is bubbly and fun and I'd love to meet her one day. She makes me believe in myself and love myself for who I am. For that alone I love her and you should definitely go and subscribe to her. She is a beautiful and powerful woman.

5. Sprinkle of Glitter
Louise is a bubbly and happy young woman. She has shared some amazing memories of her gorgeous little girl Darcy on her YouTube channel over the last 4 years and makes videos that are fun to watch, yet you still learn something from them. Like Gracie, she is someone who inspires me to except who I am, but to LOVE who I am too. Go and check her out, I promise you won't regret it.

6. Vivianna Does Make Up
Anna is stylish, funny and beautiful. Her videos are extremely high quality and I highly value her opinions on products that she reviews. I love watching her Weekly Vlogs that feature her partner Mark and her daily life. I recommend subscribing if you want to watch a fun girl who loves what she does.

7. Lucy & Lydia
The main reason I love to watch Lucy & Lydia is because they are twin girls like my sister and I. They are fun and girly and they put so much time and effort into their videos. I love both their styles and my favourite videos of theirs to watch are probably vlogs or routine videos. They remind me of how close my twin and I are too! I recommend you subscribe!

8. Pixiwoo
Pixiwoo were the first people I watched on YouTube. I've seen them grow as make up artists and share their tips and tricks. I've seen them bring out their own make up brush line and I've watched their families grow. If you're after make up tips from the best of the best then head on over to Pixiwoo on YouTube.

9. Zoella
Well who doesn't know who Zoella is? Arguably one of the most influential people on YouTube. I love watching every single one of Zoe's videos. She is a similar age to me so I love seeing the things she is buying and the fun she gets up to. Most of you are probably already subscribed to her but if not then get over and subscribe!

10. Hannah Maggs
Hannah Maggs and her family are my new favourites! Although I've been watching their videos for a while now, it's only recently that I've fallen in love with them! Hannah's partner Steff takes the most beautiful shots and the way that they edit their videos is just dreamy. You need to check out their channel.

Who are your favourite YouTubers? I'd love to know your recommendations!

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