So for the next few days I'm spending the weekend alone. I usually hate that thought, being alone with nothing to do and know one to talk to but I am actually looking forward to this weekend, and you know why - because I've got a list of things I'm going to do to make myself feel better!

I always feel much better when I've been productive and although I love spending the whole day in my Pj's, the reality is if I do that, I won't get anything done and I'll end up sitting in bed eating chocolate, getting fat (I won't lie that does sound perfect to me!)

Come on admit it, we've all been there, pondering over what we can do to simply fill the time and cure our boredom but there's no need to worry any more, I've got some ideas of things you could do this weekend if you're spending it alone or if you just fancy doing something different.

1. Work out
 Now I'd love to sit here and tell you all that I get up every morning before work and go for a run, but that just simply doesn't happen. On a weekend I try to get more workouts in because I seem to have more time. I like to give myself a bit of a lie in but never like to sleep in past 10.30 am because otherwise I won't seize the day! If you're a morning person, why not get up and do a work out before you get on with your day? I like to do mine whilst I'm cooking my lunch/dinner because I can multi task and then eat as soon as I'm done!

2. Spring Clean
Yes it might sound boring but I love a good spring clean every now and again. There's something so therapeutic when you've got a clean house and I always feel more motivated to do my work when I'm in tidy surroundings. Spring cleaning doesn't just have to be doing the dishes/mopping the floor, I class sorting through my wardrobe and make up spring cleaning and I love making lists as I go of things I've ran out of or want to buy!

3. Blog
One of my favourite things to do is blog. I am really enjoying blogging at the moment and every night when I get home from work I am thinking of new post ideas or writing reviews etc. I find that the weekend is the best time for me to take my blog photos. I like to have my photos ready for the week so that I can make use of the limited time I have.

4. Watch YouTube
This comes along with blogging, at the weekend I could literally sit all day watching YouTube videos. I never get bored of them and love catching up on any I've missed during the week. I sometimes put YouTube on in the background when I'm cleaning my flat or blogging.

5. Food Prep
I don't do this often enough because some weekends I go home to see my family and other weekends I go to see my boyfriends, however at the weekends when I'm on my own I try to do my food prep for the week. I tend to do my weekly shop on a Sunday and then plan what I'm going to eat each night for dinner and prepare my lunches. It makes it so much easier when you get up late in the morning and need to just grab your lunch!

6. Do some DIY
This is another thing I don't do very often, but sometimes it's nice to just make something, whether it's revamping old clothing or making something new for your bedroom. I get a lot of inspiration from Pintrest/tumblr/weheartit.

7. Have a Pamper evening
I like to do this on a Friday after a long week at work. I like to run a bubble bath, wash my hair, paint my nails, pluck my eyebrows and fake tan. It makes me feel so much better about myself and helps me relax after a week at work.

8. Have a Duvet Day
This kind of contradicts the working out and spring cleaning, but sometimes we all need a day in bed. I love doing this on a Sunday, staying in my PJ's or comfy trackies and sitting in bed with a cup of tea and biscuits and blogging away or watching YouTube. It's my perfect Sunday.

I hope you found some of these things to do interesting. Let me know what your favourite things to do on a weekend to yourself are.

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