It's that time of month again where I sit at my desk and type away telling you all about my favourites this month, so here goes!

My first favourite of April is my Bourjour Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lipstick.

The lipsticks launched in April 2014 so a year on, I've finally bought one and I certainly won't look back! I have the shade 09 - Happy Nude Year which is very "Kylie Jenner". I never thought I'd be the person trying to pull off a Kylie Jenner Nude Lip, but I am and I rather like how this colour looks on me. When I Initially swatched this, it looked like the perfect nude colour which is one of the main reasons I wanted to purchase it - that and the fact that Anna from Vivianna Does Make up has raved about them since they came out in Boots, however on me it has a slightly peachy tone to it - which I really like.

The rouge editions have a matte finish, which I normally avoid at all costs because I have the driest lips, but I thought I'd give it a go and surprisingly it feels smooth on my lips and doesn't make them feel drier or give that flaky effect.

I definitely want to go and get some of the other colours in the range, they've got bold reds to bright pinks - there's definitely a colour for everyone! I would highly recommend.

My foundation of choice this month has been my Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation. This is totally worth the price tag. I am always apprehensive when buying foundations from high end brands because I tend to use them up quickly and prefer spending less when you can get foundations just as good at the Drugstore, however I'm so glad I purchased this foundation and I will definitely be repurchasing it.

The foundation is £25 and I wear the shade NW20. The finish is radiant and gives your skin a dewy finish. It hides all my blemishes and makes my skin look flawless, what more could you want? The foundation has a medium coverage, but it is definitely buildable and you can achieve a medium/full coverage with the smallest amount! I suffer with dry skin as I've mentioned before so I get nervous trying new foundations in case they irritate my skin, however I would highly recommend this foundation as it doesn't dry my skin out at all.

I recently got my hair chopped off and I am in love with the change. I know everyone and their dogs seem to have chopped off their luscious locks recently, and I didn't want to follow the crowd, but I did and I'm so glad. Throughout march I've enjoyed styling my new do! I love how it looks curled, but I also like it straight too. I've enjoyed experimenting with plaits and can't wait to find styles that suit shorter hair.

I have loved wearing my silver star necklace this month. It's so delicate and goes with any outfit. I was given this as a gift for my 21st Birthday as a present from my Nanna who said it's in memory of my Grandad who's a bright star in the sky, and it means a lot to me. The necklace was from a brand called Little Ella.

I am obsessed with sweet potatoes, I could eat them every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner - which is not good, but they are a healthier option that potatoes!! I am trying to lead a healthier diet so have been having sweet potato with steak and salad as a dinner option once a week. If you haven't tried sweet potatoes you definitely should because they will change your life! Oh and the Tgi's sweet potato fries are the bomb!

My University Placement year has been a firm favourite during March. I'm working at a mental health trust in Manchester in the Marketing department and this month the Governor Training event that I helped to organise took place which was a highlight of the month. I put all the work I'd learnt over the past 6 months on placement into practice and the event was a great success.

My final favourite this month has been my diet and fitness. I booked an impulse weekend in the sun with my mum for early May, which means I need to be bikini ready in 4 weeks. I have been trying to cut down on eating crap, and stick to eating pure healthy foods that haven't been processed as well as exercising a couple of times a week. I've been loving the Myplate app to track my calories and what I'm eating which has really helped, and I've also being following the 30 days App.

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