Hi everyone, today's post is all about Body Confidence.

I thought I'd talk about this subject today because I'm feeling a bit low on self - esteem. I go away on holiday in August with my family and boyfriend and It's creeping up fast. 
I want to get fit and loose some weight before I go, and I went through a really good period of eating healthy and exercising but now I'm at a rut and I just can't seem to motivate myself to stick to it. 

Every time I look in the mirror I think, yes it's time to knuckle down and get down to my goal weight - and It goes well for a week or so but then all of a sudden I have one bad day or skip exercise and then feel like crap and my motivation just goes instantly. 

I realise now that it's about 12 weeks until my holiday and I want to loose at least half a stone and be toned. This isn't unrealistic in anyway, if I loose 1-2 pounds a week I will easily make my goal weight and in a healthy way, but I need the motivation to stick to it. 

I have improved so much with my evening meals, my favourites at the moment are making chicken and sweet potato salad, and chicken stir fry. My lunches are usually either salad, soup or leftover dinner from the night before, and for breakfast I either have cereal or toast on granary bread and marmalade. I think my main problem is what I can eat in between. I am not a lover of avocado, nutella, hummus or any of those healthy alternatives. I eat fruit as a snack but I can't seem to stop having a packet of crisps with my lunch. 

With regards to exercise - I can't afford to go to the Gym so I exercise from home. I do squats/ab exercises and lunges with a 8kg weight. I have a stationary bike that I need to fix so I can use that more often and I occasionally do a Davina Workout DVD. Does anyone suggest any alternative exercises/workouts that I can do in my home? 

I really want to get into a routine so I can keep motivated and see a difference because I know I'll feel much happier in myself if I do it. 

Does anyone have any tips/tricks on how they stay motivated with fitness/diets. I'd appreciate anyone's advice. 

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