With summer hopefully on its way in the UK, I've been thinking of things I want to do in the months before I go back to Uni. I go on holiday for a week in August with my family and boyfriend but I also want to do other things throughout August before moving back to Sheffield.

I want to spend the afternoon at the beach with my boyfriend and have a picnic.
Hopefully when the weather is nicer, I want to go to my local beach in my home town of Formby and go and sit with a take-away chippy and just sit and have a cute afternoon. I also want to go on a bike ride to the beach.

I want to visit a new city.
Whether this actually happens or not will be a different matter as money can be an obstacle for this but I'd love to visit a new city with my boyfriend over the summer. I originally wanted to book us a weekend away for his birthday as a surprise but it all gets so expensive and plus I don't actually know what his shifts are going to be in August so I can't actually book anything! Hopefully we can go somewhere on a day trip or something!

I want to start a scrapbook for my final year of University.
This is obviously self explanatory but I'd love to start a scrapbook before I move back to uni so that I can document my final year before its all over!

I want to explore cooking and find new healthy recipes.

I am trying to find healthy recipes I enjoy so that I can take them with me into final year and maintain a healthy diet. I'm not too sure how well this will go but we will see!

I want to complete the Race for Life 5k in memory of my Grandad.
On Sunday I'm completing the race for life with my mum in memory of my grandad! You can read all about it HERE.

I want to go to the sea life centre.
Since the beginning of my relationship with my boyfriend, I've been telling him that I want us to go to the sea life centre on a date because I think it's so cute and just love the idea of going to the aquarium! He promised me we'd go over summer so I'll be sure to blog about it if I do!!

I want to loose a stone.
Finally I want to loose a stone! I'm nearly there - I've already lost half a stone so I've just got to stick at it now and then tone up for my holiday and ready for the return to uni!

What do you guys want to do this summer?

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