Unfortunately this year I'm not going to any festivals, but I've been to my fair share of them over the past couple of years! I think festivals are one of the most loved events of the year. It's a chance for a variety of people from all over the world to go and enjoy themselves listening to great music and getting drunk!

I've been to Glastonbury a few times, as well as Leeds Festival, V Festival and Wakestock and I like the fact they're all so different. Many of you will be preparing yourselves to brave the UK weather whilst camping in a field during festival season so I thought I'd do a Festival Wishlist post to give you some inspiration if you're stressing out at the last minute.


1. Deodorant - I mean it's pretty self explanatory but you 100% need it. Most festivals don't have showers, or if they do - they don't have many! I like the Dove deodorants because they always have nice scents. I would always recommend taking a roller ball deodorant too because they will take up less room in your rucksack! You can buy my favourite Rose scented Dove roll on deodorant here.

2. A Selfie Stick! - I love these things! They are such a good invention! I think Selfie Sticks would be such a good accessory to take to a festival. You can not only get some good selfies with all your friends, but you can also film the bands on it too. You can get them to fit your phones or cameras so they'd be perfect for everyone! You can buy one for phones here. They come in loads of different colours too!

3. Dry Shampoo - If you want to have nice hair on day 4 of a festival, you need dry hair shampoo! It will save your hair! I like the Colab dry hair shampoo by Ruth Crilly.  There are 5 different scents and they come in two sizes. The smaller size is great for festival (I know how valuable space is in the rucksack!) The scents are named after different cities and they are called, Tokyo, Rio, Paris, London & New York. They smell amazing and instantly refresh your dull greasy hair! You can pick one up at Superdrug here.

4. Black Crop Top - My outfit of choice for a festival would consist of a Black Crop Top, a white dungaree playsuit and hunter wellies. Black crop tops are so versatile and you could take one top and wear it on two occasions to save on packing! Topshop do a long sleeve black crop top for £10. You can find it here.

5. Hunter Wellies - Wellies are vital at festivals and Hunter seem to be the brand everyone wants to wear. I own a midnight blue pair and I love them but I think black wellies are your best bet because they go with every outfit! You can buy Hunter wellies here.

You will need the Hunter Wellies when it rains like it did one year when I went to Glastonbury!

6. White dungarees - I love how stylish white dungarees look with a black crop top. I have never personally worn a pair before, however I will definitely be rocking them at the next festival I go to! You can pick up a pair of white dungarees from Boohoo.com for only £20. Find them here.

7. Flashmob glitters - I LOVE wearing glitter at festivals; whether it's on my nails, body, in my hair or on my face - I just LOVE it! I think glitter is a great way of making your outfit look quirky and cool! When I went to Leeds Festival, I used glitter on my face as part of a Leopard print face paint I did. I always end up having glittery nails too as they can add that little extra sparkle to the monochrome outfits. 

8. Simple Wipes - Face wipes will probably save you at festivals. They have multiple uses such as taking off make up, wiping the mood off your legs and body, cleaning up spilt alcohol, food and they are probably the most useful when it comes to the dreaded loos. You can buy simple wipes here.

9. Flashmob hair chalk - I've never tried out hair chalk before, but I've always wanted to try it out. I think they're a great way of trying out different colours on your hair without having to permanently dye it. I think that they'd look great at festivals and in particular paired with some of the glitter from the flashmob set. It's safe to say you'd stand out from the crowd! You can buy the hair chalks here.

Here are a few photos of my experiences of festivals:

I hope you all enjoyed seeing what my festival must haves are! Let me know what you would/will be taking to festivals.

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