Today I'm going to share with you a healthy Stir Fry recipe. Up until last month, I'd never had a Stir Fry before, but now its safe to say I'm obsessed so I thought I'd share the recipe with you all!

♥ Noodles (I like Egg Noodles)
♥ Red Onions
♥ Garlic
♥ Mushrooms
♥ Peppers - or any veg mix
♥ Chicken or Fish
♥ Sweet Chilli Sauce
♥ Balsamic Vinegar

Firstly I browned the chicken in a frying pan with a touch of oil.

Whilst the chicken was browning, I chopped up my red onions, mushrooms, peppers and garlic before adding that to the pan with the chicken.

Once the chicken had browned and I'd added the vegetables, I added a dash of balsamic vinegar and a couple of tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce (you can put as much or as little as you want).

Once the chicken and veg had been heating, I added in the egg noodles in for 5 minutes.

Now it's ready to plate. I added a bowl of prawn crackers with some sweet chilli sauce as a side dish.

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