This week has been a fairly chilled week for me. I was in work Monday - Thursday in Manchester and then went to Sheffield to spend the weekend with my boyfriend.

We had such a chilled time together and it makes me so so excited to move back to there for my final year of Uni in a couple of weeks.

We went out for dinner to Nandos on Thursday evening after I arrived and then cooked on both Friday and Saturday night - we had stir fry and enchiladas! It was so nice!!
On Friday I spent my day blogging and working out my blog post ideas for everyday July  (starting on Wednesday) and on Saturday Jay and I went for a walk around the parks nearby his house and ended our afternoon at a little lake house pub having a cider in the sun - it was perfect.

As you're reading this, I'm currently on my way out for Dinner with Jay to one of our favourite restaurants in Sheffield - Prezzo. I am so hungry, I can't wait to eat!! It'll be a nice end to a lovely weekend before I head back to Manchester on Monday for work!

What have you guys been up to this week? I'll be back on Wednesday for the beginning of everyday July.


  1. Is it terrible i've never been to Nandos? Haha. Sounds like it's been a lovely week for you! This week was my first week of holidays so i've just been chilling and watching many tv series. x

    1. Haven't you!? It's soooo good! To be fair..I didn't go for ages when it first opened and everyone hyped about it!! What TV series have you been watching? xx