Today I thought I'd go the This or That Tag so you guys can get to know me more - especially if you're new! I love doing tag posts, you can read some of my previous here, here & here so if you fancy doing this one make sure your share your posts below in the comments!!


Blush or Bronzer?
I'm definitely a bronzer girl, I hardly ever bother with blusher!
Lip gloss or Lipstick?
Definitely Lipstick - I hate how sticky lip gloss is, it just gets on my hair all the time!!

Eyeliner or Mascara?
100% mascara, I don't wear eyeliner a lot because I still haven't mastered the wing'd look - if you have any tips, please share them below!

Foundation or Concealer?
Foundation because you can build it up on problem areas.

Neutral or Colour eyeshadow?
I'd definitely say I prefer Neutrals, but I do sometimes try and incorporate some colour :)

Pressed or Loose eyeshadows?
Definitely pressed eyeshadows!

OPI or China Glaze?
I'd have to say OPI as I've never tried China Glaze

Long or short?
Long, I hate short nails!!

Acrylic or natural?
I love wearing acrylics because they give my nails length and I feel more girly with acrylics.

Bright or Dark?
Bright in the Summer and Dark in the Winter!!

Flower or no flower?
No flower!


Perfume or Body spray?
Perfume! I love Stella and Chanel Chance

Body lotion or Body Butter?
Body Butter!

Body wash or Soap?
Body wash - I love Soap and Glory!!

LUSH or Other Bath Companies?
Definitely lush!


Jeans or Sweatpants?
Jeans in public, sweatpants at home!

Long or Short sleeved tops?
It depends on the situation and also the season!

Dresses or Skirts?

Stripes or Plaid?

Flip-flops or Sandals?

Scarves or Hats?
Scarves! I don't really like hats!

Necklaces or Bracelets?
Necklaces, although I've been looking for some nice dainty bracelets for ages!

Jackets or Hoodies?
Jackets but I love wearing my Boyfriends Hoodies in the house when I'm chilling!


Curly or Straight?
My hair is naturally straight, and I would say I definitely wear it straight more often - but I prefer it curly!

Bun or ponytail?
I love a messy bun!

Bobby pins or Butterfly clips?
Definitely bobby pins - but I ALWAYS loose them. Like seriously, where the hell do they go?

Hairspray or Hair Gel?

Long or Short?
I love and miss my long hair so so much! I cut my hair fairly short not too long ago because my hair wasn't in the greatest condition and I just fancied a change, but now I want my long hair back!!

Light or Dark?
In between!! I have like a lightish brown colour with ginger tints!

Side sweep or full on bangs (fringe)?
Side sweep, full fringes don't really suit me they make me look too young!

Up or down?
Definitely prefer it down :)


Rain or Shine?
Shine 100%!

Summer or Winter?
I love summer and hot weather, but tbh in England we rarely get a summer. I love cosy winter nights in cuddling up with a hot chocolate by the fire. That's a tough one!

Autumn or Spring?

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Mmmm Chocolate.

That's all the questions! Thanks for reading!

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