1. My Family and Friends

2. A freshly made bed

3. Red Velvet cakes

4. Seeing my Nanna smile

5. Tango Ice Blasts

6. Belting out Beyonce songs

7. The memories from Glastonbury

8. Seeing my twin sister finally being happy in New York

9. Wearing brand new Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve

10. Remembering my Grandad's laugh

11. My oldest best friend's famous "Georgia Cocktails"

12. Lie In's

13. Going on Holiday

14. Naps

15. Spending time blogging

16. Roast Dinners

17. Summer nights

18. Beating Jay at rock/paper/scissors

19. Taking off my bra after a long day at work

20. Chocolate

21. The sound of rain when I'm all tucked up in bed

22. Selfies

23. LUSH bath bombs

24. Chippy Tea on a Friday night

25. Having a clear out

26. Being able to fit into clothes you've not been able to for a while!

27. Bagels with butter and marmalade

28. A cup of tea and dippy biscuits because it reminds me of my Nanna and grandad

29. Belting out old classic tunes (like S Club 7 and the Spice Girls)

30. Having a productive day

31. Taking photos of things that make me happy

32. Watching documentaries

33. Belly Laughing

34. Seeing myself grow as a person

35. Anyone that reads my blog (I didn't think anyone would ever read it apart from my family and boyfriend - because I force them! - but seriously .. thank you to each and everyone of you who reads, it means the world.


  1. 24 & 34 take a bit of beating x

    1. Friday night when I'm home - number 24 better be waiting for me ;) miss you x