I can't believe we're halfway through July already! Where the hell does time go? I'm so excited for the end of this month though because there are lots of exciting events in my life coming up! It's my boyfriends Birthday at the end of the month and I finish my placement year in Manchester and finally move back to my favourite place, Sheffield. Before I get too excited about that,  I'm going to share with you my June Favourites!

Beauty, Hair and Skincare

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Varnish-
I am loving the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Range. I have always loved Barry M nail varnishes, they're so affordable and have an amazing colour range. I love this deep blue colour and It looks great with a tan! The nail varnishes dry fairly quickly and you don't need too many coats either.

Maybelline Lipstick - 
I love this Maybelline Lipstick at the moment. The colour is a fairly bright pink and has a sort of hi-shine finish. It's a moisturising lipstick, which is exactly what I need as I ALWAYS have dry lips, and It looks great when the weathers warmer as it's a bit bolder than your usual nudes. I would definitely recommend this!

Plastic Hair Grip - 
Now this may seem like a bit of a random favourite but I am obsessing over these plastic hair clips at the moment. They've been amazing when we've had some hot days here in England and I've just needed to throw up my hair when I'm hot. I also think they're brilliant for sectioning hair when you're curling or straightening it and when you get out the shower and your hair is still damp and you just want to shove it up. I buy mine from Primark and It's about £2.50 for a set of 4. 

Jimmy Choo Flash Pefume - 
I love this perfume so much at the moment and I'm dreading the day it runs out! I got this for my 21st Birthday off my parents and I've been wearing it loads recently as it's a nice light summery fragrance. 

Everything Else...

Stir Frys - 
Yes I know Stir Fry's were in my latest favourites but I'm just obsessed, like I have a serious obsession! I'm trying so hard to be healthier and I find that this is a great meal idea as you can pack as many vegetables into the meal and it's all good food! You can check out my stir fry recipe here.

Black Primark Heels
I've been after a pair of heels like this for a while now and I had my eye on some black suede boohoo heels, however when I wandered into Primark in Sheffield for a browse when I went to visit my boyfriend I came across these and instantly snapped them up! They were only £16 and are SO comfortable. I like them because I'm not as tall next to my boyfriend in them, but it still feels like I'm being girly in a pair of heels (I sound so sad haha #tallgirlproblems).

What have you guys been loving this month? I'd love to know in the comments, do you have any recommendations!?


  1. Love the look of those primark heals - what a bargain! You've also reminded me I need to wear my bright maybelline lipstick..I get lazy with lipsticks and opt for a nude so I need to wear my bright one to mix it up. This month i've been my M.A.C highlighter in "perfect topping", it's just super pretty haha. Also have been loving gossip girl. Lovely post x

    1. They look fab with a pair of jeans and a bright cami!! Great casual date night shoes! Ooo I'll have to try out that highlighter, I love the name!! Thanks Holly XX