I thought it'd be a good idea to share with you my blogging routine. As you all know I'm currently taking part in #everydayjuly where I post every day in July (self explanatory really!), but normally I post 3 times a week: a Sunday or Monday on alternate weeks and on a Wednesday and Friday.
Whenever I get a blog post idea, I always write is down in a new draft post so if I'm ever having writers block I've got some pack up post ideas. I like to schedule my posts so I normally write them a day in advance, however I do sometimes just write them on the day I post.

In order to plan my posts I have a notebook for all my ideas and try and write down the posts and dates when I want to upload certain posts so I know what is due to go up when. I love being organised and I enjoy having posts scheduled up before they're due to go live.

In my notes I usually write down the ideas I have for particular posts, if there is anything I need to get for the post and what pictures will need to be taken so I can build enough time to get things done.

I like to take my photos at the weekend as I generally find that this is when I have the most time. I use either my Boyfriends old camera (it's shit and I need a new one but I'm skint), or I sometimes use my IPhone camera and edit my photos through an app called VSCO Cam.

If I'm writing a review I usually like to have the product in from of me so I can talk about it in detail and I like to make notes before writing it up into a proper post and then I add pictures at the end. I usually listen to TV, music or watch YouTube videos whilst I write. Once I've checked over the post, I will schedule it and then go over to hootsuite to schedule some tweets on social media.

So there you have it, my blogging routine! What's your blogging routines? I'd love to know in the comments below!


  1. Oh you so put me to shame. I have no routine to my blogging at all! I might have an idea for a recipe, make it, take photos along the way and then write it up within a day or 2. Sometimes, like in my blog I will have a blast of inspiration and just write. Apart from grammar/spell checks & finding photos that fit the blog, that's it!! Well done and fab idea to post a blog everyday in July. Sammie x

    1. I find that with work it's so much easier to try and schedule as I am working full time at the moment and I know scheduling will help me when I go back to Uni! I think I need to build in longer for photos though as I feel that that's my biggest weakness on my blog!! XX