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This week has been a busy week at work for me! On Monday my colleague and I had to do some filming for a project all day so we were in and out the office on different locations across the Trust.

On Tuesday, my manager Clare and I held interviews for the 6 people we shortlisted for my job. If you didn't know, I'm on my University placement year working at a mental health Trust and my time at the Trust ends in 2 weeks so we were recruiting my replacement. We had a successful day and we recruited a lovely guy who will be joining the team a week before I leave!

During the rest of the week I was catching up and all my jobs and trying to sort out my handover for work! I can't believe my placement year ends in a couple of weeks. If you want to read about my 6 months on placement then you can here, I will also be writing a blog post about my full placement year at the end of July.

On Friday, there was only three of us in the office so we basically ate chocolate, had a gossip and cleared out the office as it's so cluttered! When I got home I had a lovely pamper evening and an early night because I have been so tired lately!

I spent all day yesterday clearing out my flat in Manchester before I move out in 2 weeks. I tackled my bedroom and today I've tackled some of the Kitchen!!

I am currently getting ready to go out into Manchester to do some shopping and get Jay his birthday presents, then I'm off to do a big food shop before heading back to the flat for a chilled evening!

What have you guys been up to this week? I'll be back tomorrow with a new post.

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