Today's post is all about Gabby's (Velvet Gh0st) "Honesty" video.
I firstly just want to say how courageous I think Gabby is. It takes a lot for someone to be so honest with millions of people about their personal life and relationships and I think she is so inspiring for really telling everyone how she feels and clearing things up for all those people that spread shit about her.

I have always loved Gabby, we're the same age and she's from Sheffield which is where I go to Uni, so I feel like we have a connection!! I think she's such a lovely girl, she tells it how it is and is true to herself. Nobody deserves any of the hate that she's had recently.  I already admired her before this video, but now I admire her even more. 

No one deserves to be bullied, it's a vile, vile thing and for her to have suffered from it so badly makes me so sad. People need to stop hiding behind a computer screen and stop spreading lies and saying hurtful things. If the tables were turned they'd know how it feels but unfortunately they just continue to say mean things to her. I think some people forget sometimes that these "Big" You Tubers are all human beings too. They didn't ask to be in the limelight or ask for any of the hate that has come along with it. 

I really do look up to her. She's someone I'd definitely want to me friends with. She's honest, real and is true to herself.  I'm proud of her for addressing this and being so brave. People don't realise how much peoples opinions and comments can affect a person and contribute to such a sad period of their life.  I hope all the people that have ever said shit to her watch that video and realise how their actions have affected her. Sharing your life online shouldn't mean you should be treated any differently to other people.

If you haven't already watched her video, I think you all should. You can click to watch it HERE. Also make sure you subscribe if you aren't already! If you enjoy reading my blog then you'll love her videos because she's miles better than me!! 

I hope Gabby's video makes everyone realise that sometimes your actions can really affect a person badly. No one deserves to be isolated and lonely. Make sure you check out the video!

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