As some of you guys know, I've been on holiday this past week in Majorca so I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of my poolside essentials. So, here is my absolute must-have list for a relaxing day by the pool:

A Bikini

First and foremost it's pretty important to have your bikini on when you're by the pool, I mean nobody would want to see you stark naked on your sun lounger now would they!? When I go away for a week I like to take options (I'm a girl, can you blame me?!) this year I took a couple of bikinis from last season as they were in pretty good condition! I took my pinky coral Primark bikini and a purple coloured galaxy print bandeau bikini, again from Primark). I then took my black new look bikini top and paired that with some plain black bottoms with leopard print ties which I purchased in Majorca last year, along with my new White Primark triangle bikini! As you might be able to tell, I do love a good Primark bikini! They fit me so well and are so cheap, yet they look great too!

Tanning Oil
I love the Malibu Tanning Oil. I love the smell, it literally just smells like summer! It's great for giving you a lovely glow and a good tan, yet it does the job and keeps you protected too!

A Good Book
Whenever I'm on holiday I like to bring a book with me to read by the pool. I love John Greens style of writing and I couldn't wait to read his book "Looking for Alaska". I really enjoyed reading his novel "A Fault in our Stars" and I enjoyed this book just as much! I definitely hope to read some more of his books soon!

You definitely need a good pair of sunnies when you go on a summer holiday! I go seriously overboard with the amount I take because I mean, you can never know which pair will go best with which outfit unless you take options! I always buy cheap sunglasses as I typically break them so I either pick some up from Primark or from the little stalls whilst I'm away! I've been obsessed with the mirrored aviator style sunglasses recently and think they look great!


Lets face it, you can't sit by the pool without a glass of some sort of alcohol on Holiday when you're in the sun (only if you're over 18)! It's so important to stay hydrated, so along with drinking lots of water I love to sip a glass of white wine or have a cocktail or two whilst I sit back and relax by the pool!! Perfection if you ask me!

We all know that you need your phone with you when you're at the pool. Some may say it's dangerous (and I do agree), but how else are you supposed to take all your selfies so you can post them all on instagram!?

What are your poolside essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

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