Finally autumn is here and I'm so excited for the winter months to kick in! 

Today's post is the autumn tag so here goes:

What is your favourite thing about autumn?
I love cosy evenings when it's raining/snowing outside and I'm all cosy and warm in bed but I can hear the rain on my window! I love wearing autumnal colours too and big scarves. 
What is your favourite Autumn Drink?
I am a sucker for a hot chocolate and I really like the Options orange hot chocolate flavour. If you haven't tried it already then you definitely should!

Favourite Autumn Candle? 
I LOVE the Ice Cranberry Yankee candle! It smells sooo good.

Favourite Autumn Snack? 
I don't actually have a favourite autumn snack to be honest, but I do love a good cheese toastie in the winter when it's freezing cold outside :)

Favourite Autumn Lipstick? 
My favourite autumn lipstick is 100% Kate Moss 107 lipstick. I think most bloggers out there also love this lipstick. It suits most skin tones and is so nice on.

Go To Autumn Moisturiser? 
I always use my Garnier Moisture Match moisturiser regardless of whether it's summer or winter as I suffer from dry skin all year round, so I'd say that was my go to autumn moisturiser.

Favourite Make Up Look? 
I love a gold smoky eye during the autumn and this year I've been loving cranberry eyes and a bold lip (my Kate Moss 107 of course).

Favourite Music This Time Of Year? 
I know it's not Christmas yet but as soon as autumn hits I'm that girl listening to"All I Want for Christmas" :)

Favourite Autumn Movie? 
I don't watch a lot of movies but to be fair but I love watching the Holiday as this puts me in a very christmassy mood!

Favourite Item of Clothing?
My big wooly jumpers and fur coat.

Favourite place to be? 
In bed when it's cold and rainy outside and I'm tucked in bed with my blankets a cup of tea and my fairy lights on watching the x factor!

Favourite Halloween costume?
I've been a devil twice now and a dead cat, as well as a killer nurse and this year I'm thinking of going as a corpse bride so I think this will be my favourite one!

A Tag wouldn't be complete without me mentioning some of my favourite bloggers so I now nominate:

Jemma from Dorkface
Em Sheldon from Em Talks

I also tag every single person reading this blog right now! Make sure you let me know in the comments once you've done it!


  1. I love almost the same thing you love of the autumn dear! Orange hot chocolate seems to be so delicious! *-* I'm thinking about my Christmas decorations so you're not the only one to think already at Christmas ^-^
    Have a nice week!

    1. It is so nice, especially with my terry's chocolate orange cupcakes too! I know I can't wait to decorate my uni room :)

      You too lovely! XX

  2. The Kate Moss lipstick is gorgeous! I'm so excited for fall because I just want to wear cosy jumpers and drink hot chocolate all day, although it's still a bit too warm for jumpers right now where I live.

    1. It's so nice isn't it! (: I love cosy jumpers too, especially Christmas jumpers at this time of year!! XX

  3. Love a good cheese toasty and a cup of tea!

    Jess @

    1. OMG I know cheese toasties are literally like the best thing ever aren't they!! XX