Today's post is 20 things you can do leading up to Christmas. I'm getting in such a christmassy mood now knowing that I've got 2 out of 4 assignments done and handed in and only have 2 more to go before I can FINALLY go home for Christmas so I hope you enjoy another Christmassy post!!

1. Go and Visit your local Christmas Market

2. Put up fairy lights everywhere

3. Go ice skating with your friends or boyfriend

4. Buy a Christmas Jumper

5. Paint your nails all Christmassy

6. Make a Christmas wish list

7. Decide what design/colour scheme to wrap your presents in

8. Snuggle up to a Christmas film

8. Decorate your house/flat and Christmas tree

9. Play lots of Christmas songs and create a Christmas playlist (check out my last post for mine!)

10. Eat, drink and be Merry!!!

What do you guys do leading up to Christmas? I'd love to know in the comments below :)

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