Hey Guys! Today's post is all about what to do when it's raining outside. As it's December now and the weather here in the UK is wet and horrible (as usual), I thought I'd share with you my ideas of what I enjoy doing when it's raining outside if I'm not doing Uni work.

1. Stay in Bed All day
Of course when you've got no plans and it's raining outside that only means one thing - it's obvious that you should just stay in bed all day in your comfy casual wear.

2. Have A Girly Pamper
Another must have for me on a rainy day is pampering yourself! If you're not going to be leaving the house then what's better than getting out your favourite nail varnishes and a good old face mask!

3. Watch endless amounts of TV/YouTube
There is nothing more relaxing than getting all cosy in bed, pampering myself whilst watching my favourite YouTubers or watching TV. Give me a cup of tea and some biscuits to top it all off and I'm set for life!!

4. Do some Baking
I LOVE BAKING. I mean, I'm not exactly the best baker in the world, but... I do love it so I've decided that this year for Christmas I'm going to attempt to make a Christmas Pudding Chocolate Cake.. yes wish me luck!

5. Online (window) Shopping
Ok, so it's safe to say I'm a little bit obsessed with browsing the internet for new clothes and make up! Yes I'm Guilty!!! To be honest, I hardly ever actually end up buying things but when I do, it tends to be a rather hefty order!! My favourite website for ordering clothes online is definitely Boohoo. It's so affordable and they always seem to have some sort of deal going on so you can't really say no! 

6. (Attempt) to Organise My Life
When it's raining outside, the thought of venturing outside in cold, wet Sheffield is just awful so sometimes I just want to sort my life out. Normally when this happens, I get everything out my wardrobe and then get myself in a bigger mess that when I started! I do get there in the end though and it makes me feel so much better when everything is sorted and my room is clean, it just takes a bit of time!

7. Write some Blog posts
Another thing I like to do when it's all rainy outside is to write some blogposts. It's a great way to get ahead of the game and have some drafts ready to hit publish when you're running low on ideas or if you're too busy another time to get one written. 

8. Eat lots of Junk food & Drink lots of Tea
Finally, this one goes without saying, I love to just eat lots of chocolate, crisps, biscuits etc and drink endless amounts of cups of tea! I think my flatmates and I have a serious problem, we go through SO many teabags it's just ridiculous!

So there you have it, there's my 8 things to do when it's raining outside. What are your favourite things to do when the weather is horrible? Let me know below! (:

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