Hello :) Are you struggling to buy your last minute stocking filler gifts for someone special this Christmas? If your answer is yes, then I might be able to give you the answer!
Throughout Blogmas I'll be putting together a series of Gift Guide posts so I thought I'd start it off with the perfect stocking fillers!

Gift cards! 
I know it's always nice to receive a physical gift for Christmas, but sometimes gift cards can be a great gift. If you're buying for a girl who loves blogging/make up & fashion, a gift card means that they can choose the products they really want from places such as MAC, Selfridge's etc

Stationary/Cute Notebooks
I don't know about you, but I love writing lists. There is nothing more satisfying than writing all the things you need to do and ticking them off one by one. I like having lots of different notebooks on the go, for example one for shopping lists, one for uni and one for my blog. There are lots of different shops that self really cute notebooks. Chroma offers personalised notebooks and Topshop also have some great ones too! I have had my eye on this Chroma Notebook for a while now as I really want to personalise mine with my blog name "JustKatiee" in gold so I can use it for my blogging (if you're reading Mum/Chess/James). 

Phone cases
I think phone cases are a great stocking filler gift. I love changing up my phone case every once in a while and I particularly like the Skinny Dip phone cases at the moment. I think they're really affordable and look great too!

Make up
Make Up products are always a good idea for a stocking filler for girls. Make Up Revolution is fab for affordable make up palettes and I love Barry M for a huge range of sparkly nail varnishes too. 

So there you have it, Stocking Filler Gift Guide for Girls. I hope it helped out! Let me know if you have any more ideas in the comments section below.

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