I've been following influential bloggers and Youtubers for years and I love learning about new makeup releases and learning the tips and tricks. I love watching tutorials and listening to the professionals give all their recommendations. Youtube has taught me so much about makeup and I wanted to share with you the Youtubers I believe have showed me the ropes. 

I have ALWAYS loved these sisters. They are amazing. They have incredible makeup skills and are fab role models to lots of the young girls that are in the community these days. They post fairly regular videos on their channel and teach you how to utilise your features using both drugstore and high-end products. I particularly like their "out there" makeup posts as it's something a bit different!

I found Tanya's channel through the Pixiwoo sisters. She is married to Jim Chapman, Pixiwoo's brother so I found her channel after she was featured in one of their videos. Tanya's channel is great for glamorous looks, I particularly love her night out looks such as the NYE looks and Christmas makeup etc. 

I only recently discovered Nikki Tutorials videos but my god is she a good makeup artist. She is SO creative, I mean her Halloween tutorials are insane and she is just so talented. I would definitely recommend going over to share the love and subscribing :) She deserves way more subscribers than she has.

My final favourite Youtuber in terms of makeup is Sabrina. Her channel isn't primarily beauty; she posts vlogs, hauls and fashion videos. I love her makeup videos and she is honestly one of the prettiest people I've seen. Go over and subscribe to her channel!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I seriously recommend going and checking these girls out!

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