Today is the day I hand my final assignment in before the Christmas festivities can begin. The day has finally arrived and I can't wait to get drunk tonight and sing Christmas songs with all my lovely friends!!

As some of you might of guessed by now, I fucking love Christmas! It is honestly my favourite time of year and this year is even special because my twin is coming home from New York and I haven't seen her for a year so you can imagine how bloody excited I am to see her (it just adds to my festiveness). 

Anyway, back to the point.. winter means cold nights and pretty shit weather in England so I thought I'd share with you my top 3 favourite date night ideas for the christmassy period.

My boyfriend and I have been together 2 and a bit years now and this will be our third Christmas since we've been together. I love doing all things christmassy with him and getting in the festive spirit as we don't actually spend the festive period together. When I break up for Christmas next week I'll be moving home to Liverpool for 2 or so weeks and Jay will be going back to Birmingham so we try to spend as much time together at this time of year; either side of my deadlines and his job.

My Top 3 Winter date ideas:

A night in watching endless Christmas movies
This is probably my date night of choice (I know, you're probably all thinking "you're such an old woman" haha). I love it when you're all snuggled up in bed with hot water bottles, loads of blankets, chocolate and a huge mug of tea. I am probably at my happiest when it's raining outside and I'm just lying in bed watching the typical romantic Christmas films like Love Actually and the Holiday! Perfection if you ask me!

Go on a christmassy shopping trip and visit the local Christmas markets
I love to go down to the local Christmas market and wander around all the little stalls finding little Christmas trinkets. My boyfriend might not like it as much as I do, but a girls gotta get her shopping fix and if it's christmassy then I'm there! There is normally a Christmas sleigh bar selling some form of Christmas alcohol beverage so that should keep your boyfriend happy for long enough!

Ice Skating 
Ice Skating is another good festive date. As soon as December hits ice rinks appear in every city and they're becoming more and more popular as each year goes by! My boyfriend and I haven't personally gone ice skating together (I'm still trying to persuade him!), but there is always next year! I am pretty horrendous at ice skating, I legit hold on to the side the whole time I'm on the ice and I always seem to get the hang of it 5 minutes before the time is up! (typical). I think it'd be so hilarious to go with your boyfriend though, probably not the best "first date" though, I'd be pretty embarrassed if I fell flat on my arse in front of a cute guy :') It's all about the fun though and this would definitely break the ice (haha, see what I did there .. yes I know it was a shit joke.. I just couldn't help myself!) 

There you have it, my top 3 date night ideas for the festive period. What's your favourite date night idea? Let me know in the comments!!


  1. love all of these especially the film night, thats perfect for my and my boyf! We went ice skating last year, I honestly don't know how he was so good after his first go and I was awful after my 4th go!! xx

    1. Yes my boyfriend and I love film nights all cosy in bed with chocolate! I'm not sure how my boyfriend would cope on the ice but there is always next year haha! xx