Morning guys! Happy 2nd December! Today's post is all about my perfect winter night in!

As it's December and it's extremely cold in Sheffield, I thought I'd share with you my favourite necessities for a winter night in!

1. Hot Chocolate
I love a hot chocolate with marshmallow on a wintery evening. It just makes me feel so Christmassy and festive. I love making the Cadbury's hot chocolate but I do like the Costa White Hot Chocolate too!

2. Unhealthy Snacks/Takeaways!
It'd only be a good winter night in if you got a chippy tea and some unhealthy chocolate goodies to have while you watch TV! Come on, I know you all do it too!

3. Cosy Blankets
It's absoloutley freezing in Sheffield so having cosy blankets is a necessity!! I love snuggling up in my fury pink blanket when it's cold outside!

4. Fairy Lights
You can't have a cosy winter night in in December without lots of fairy lights can you? I LOVE fairy lights, if I could afford to pay the electricity bills I'd cover my flat in them! I think they can make your room look so cute and girly but also makes you feel cosy at the same time. I have many different fairy lights in my room but I prefer the warm coloured white lights :)

5. X factor/I'm a celebrity/christmassy movies
I love watching what I like to call "crappy tv" on a Saturday night in the winter months! I love watching X factor and I'm a Celeb and I also enjoy watching the obvious Christmas movies. My favourites are of course the Holiday, ELF and Love Actually!

What are your favourite films? What do you guys love to have on your cosy night in!? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I love this post! Your blog is adorable. So chic, I love it <3

    xox Lo