Anyone going last minute Christmas Shopping? Are you braving the crowds? If you are, then I think you're pretty mad to be honest - It's Christmas EVE!!!! I HATE shopping this close to Christmas! For today's post I'm going to share with you thoughts last minute shoppers have during the festive shopping period!

1. Where have all the nice Christmas Jumpers gone?

2. Why is this person walking so f*cking slowly. I NEED to get to the shops before they shut

3. Yayyy, this dress is perfect, oh wait it's 5 sizes too big/small!

4. What on earth can I buy the person who has everything?

5. Why have I left buying Christmas cards until now

6. OMG there is only ugly wrapping paper left!!! My wrapping paper colour scheme is out the window once again!

7. Ohhh makeup is on 3 for 2, well I may as well treat myself right!?

8. Oh yes, I'll just grab a quick coffee ... wait the que is miles long - rethink!!!!

9. Gift sets are always a good idea

10. Finally, I've got everything .. oh shit wait no I haven't .. time to brave Primark!!!

Oh isn't Christmas shopping just a delight?! I hope you're all organised this year :')

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