I know a lot of you will be more prepared than I am and will have nearly done all your Christmas shopping.. If not you'll be nearly at the end! So I thought I'd share with you my top 5 stocking filler gifts for girls in case you are in need of a few more little treats! 


1. Beauty Products - now most girls these days follow YouTubers and love all things make up so you'd be silly not to add a small beauty gift to your list of stocking fillers. I think MUA and Make up Revolution are great affordable brands that stock fun girly gifts. Make up Revolution have got some great brush and eyeshadow palettes on offer in Superdrug at the moment too so go and pick them up now while you've still got chance!

2. Christmas Pj's - Everyone must have a new pair of Christmas Pj's when it's Christmas time. I mean, it's just the rules isn't it! I love getting new Pj's every year and in our family we usually all wear new Christmas Pj's on Christmas eve! Primark are great for affordable Pj's and there are lots of different styles and patterns to choose from too!

3. Smelly Candles - I'm a sucker for a good candle. My absolute favourite of all time is the Yankee Candle in Cranberry Ice. It smells soooooo good and is such a warm, wintery, christmassy scent. If you haven't had a whiff yet then I suggest you get yourself down to the nearest Yankee Candle store and pick one up! I promise you won't forget it! And mum (Santa), if you're reading this post now pretty please can you add this to my Christmas list!! I'll love you forever!!!

4. Sparkly Nail varnish - Barry M do amazing sparkly polishes and they look so fab for this festive period. I'm determined to wear a sparkly polish on my nails throughout the whole of December and I can't wait to change it up every so often! I love wearing red polish with gold glitter or a midnight blue colour with silver sparkles! 

5. Chocolate!! - Obviously, it wouldn't be a stocking without some kind of chocolate in it! I used to LOVE getting a selection box in my stocking when I was younger or those tubes of sweets that you can get from places like the Supermarkets or Superdrug for £1.00, so I really recommend adding some form of chocolate or sweets!!

What would you guys want to find in your stocking when you wake up on Christmas day? Let me know in the comments :) See you tomorrow for another festive post!


  1. Fab ideas :) I always get chocolate, pyjamas and some small beauty items in my stocking, would love some nice scented candles too though.

    1. Thanks Lyndsey! Yes!! New pj's are the best aren't they!