HAPPY DECEMBER! OMG It's nearly Christmas!!

Sorry this post is late, I've been busy at the library writing assignments .. I know not very christmassy at all is it!! Don't worry I'll be donning my ugly Primarni Christmas jumper tomorrow!!

Can you believe it's December 1st already!?! I am so excited for Christmas, I honestly cannot wait to go home and see all my family and friends, especially my twin who I haven't seen for a whole year!

I've got 3 assignments and 1 presentation between me and my Christmas break and although I'm stressing out and I am feeling the pressure, I'm beyond excited for festivities to begin.

I Love everything about Christmas, especially buying presents for people! It makes me feel so festive!! I am quite prepared this year and have already got most of mine! Can you tell I wanted to get into the Christmas Spirit early?! I'm gutted that this year I won't be able to decorate my family Christmas tree though because I'll be at Uni right up until Christmas, which sucks.. but what can you do?! I still get to spend some time at home which is of course the main thing!

As it's Christmas I thought I'd treat you lovely lot with a new post from me every single day in December! I've not been very active on my blog recently as I've just had so much work on at Uni, but I am determined to make sure I post once a day for 25 days so keep your eyes peeled! I'm not going to lie, I was a bit apprehensive about doing blogmas because coming up with 25 blog posts on consecutive days as well as doing my assignments isn't exactly an easy thought.. but I'll give it a try!!

If you don't know what blogmas is, basically I'll be posting 25 festive posts throughout the build up to Christmas! If any of you have done blogmas before and have any tips, then please let me know in the comments below!! I'd also love any suggestions of posts you'd like if you have any too!

Are any of you doing blogmas this year? Hope you enjoy my 25 posts!!

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