What Katie Did Next, Twins
I've been a blogger for a little over 2 years  now and it's been one of the best decisions I ever made. Today, I want to share with you why I love blogging and I hope that maybe if some of you haven't started a blog yet, you might be inspired to do so!

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I love the whole blogging community..
I haven't been to any blogging events yet, however I love talking to other bloggers on social media and commenting on blogs. I took part in my first twitter chat a couple of weeks ago (you can read about it here) and I found that that was a great way of getting to know new bloggers! and meet any other bloggers in person, but I love chatting to others on Twitter and Instagram. 

I have an excuse to try out new products..

I love the fact that when I go shopping and buy new things, I justify it by saying I can review it on the blog :') I love the fact that I can read reviews from other bloggers too and then If there is a huge hype about certain products it might entice me to go out and buy them so I can share my views too. For some of the bigger bloggers out there, there can also be the opportunity to get products sent for free! 

Somewhere I can write my thoughts down...

This is one of the main reasons why I love blogging as I can take myself off into my own little world and write down all my thoughts. I've always loved to write and I enjoy sharing my thoughts and opinions on things, I would never have imagined that people would actually read what I write!

I love taking photos...
Although the camera I use is actually my Iphone camera, and sometimes my Boyfriends old Samsung camera, I still love taking images of things during my day to day life and I love editing them to make them look pretty. I can't wait to get my hands on a proper blogging camera for Christmas so I can really invest in the photos on my blog and improve the quality!

There you have it, those are just some of the reasons why I love blogging! Why do you love blogging?


  1. I love the community aspect about it the most, feeling like you have so many friends to share things with is amazing. Photography is one of the things I would say I have gained from it, I am not the best but I am learning and until blogging I never realised how much I love taking pictures.
    Lyndsey | www.labeau.co.uk

    1. Yes! I definitely agree! I love photography and can't wait to get a good camera so I can improve my photos! What camera do you use?

      Katie XX