So my 22nd Birthday is coming up on 10th February and seems as though I'm at Uni and I know my mum reads these posts, I thought I'd share with you all what's on my birthday wishlist :)

I've wanted one of these box lights ever since I first saw some of the bloggers I follow posting pictures with them in! I think they're so so cool! They would definitely add something extra to your room and would be an added bonus for using in blog photos too! I love the fact that it comes with a variety of letters and emojis so you can switch up the text as and when you like :)

I love these boots. I have a similar pair from Primark which have a slightly higher heels but I've been wanting a flat pair for ages and these are the perfect fit :)

My Boyfriend knows how much I've wanted these shoes! He bought them for me as a Christmas present but we had problems with the seller so we couldn't get them in the end. I love the colour of these trainers more than anything and think they'd look great with jeans rolled up and a cute top!

I LOVE these notebooks! I honestly think they're so cute. I would love one of the A5 notebooks in black with my blog name "JustKatiee" engraved in Gold writing :) I think they're so cute and would be a great edition on my desk!

I didn't really like these jackets when they first came back in fashion and everyone was wearing them, however since purchasing one for my boyfriend I've decided I really like them! I'd love this Jacket in Black as I think that colour would go with more of my outfits. For £10 I think it's a bargain!

I really like the contrast of the suede and faux leather details on this bag. I think it'd be a good sized bag for everyday use and I think the price isn't too bad either. It's definitely firmly in place on my wishlist!

This Handbag is fairly similar but slightly more structured than the one above. I love the gold hardware too. I like the handbag in black but if the burgundy colour came back in stock again I'd 100% LOVE that colour!!

I've seen a lot of people hype about this false tan so I would love to give it a try! It's an Australian brand and I've heard that the colour is a really nice golden brown :)

So, there you have it :) my birthday wishlist 2016. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have any suggestions of things I could buy if I have any birthday money!

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