Hello you lovely lot!

Sorry I've been away for so long. I went from not posting one week to it suddenly turning into 4 months and no posts. I never meant to go so long without blogging but final year of University has been extremely hectic and I've simply just not had the time to concentrate on my blog! I've missed writing posts so much and now that I'm in my last week of University, with just one exam to go, I thought what better time to get back into something I love.

While I find my feet again and sort my life out before I start my new job, I am going to upload new content once a week and then once I've got back into a routine I'll be back to posting more regularly. I'll be posting at 5.00pm (BST) on Saturdays from now on, so expect lots of new and exciting content and a fresh new blog.

I cannot believe that on Monday I will have finished University forever. I've had the best four years and will never forget the experience, but I'm ready to get stuck in to working and concentrating on my career (and of course the blog)!

Hope you're all as excited as I am about JustKatiee being back!


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