I cannot believe that earlier this month I finished my last University exam EVER and am now officially not a student any more. I am so depressed by the thought of not living the student life and I'm not sure how I'll cope with the transition to work life, but hey ho - it happens to everyone and I'm sure I'll settle in soon enough. Today's post is all about the things I'll miss most about being a student.
The student loan
Well we all know that the thing that university students will miss the most is the student loan!! The day that the loans come in has gone and now all we have to "look forward to" is paying it all off! 

My friends
Aside from the money, the best part of University has 100% been the friends I've made. Not only have these friends helped to make my university experience an amazing one I won't forget, they've been there through the shit times, the endless breakdowns during assignment deadline week and the numerous drunk nights when I'm struggling to stand up straight! At the end of June we will all go our separate ways and  although we will definitely keep in touch, the end of university represents the end of an era and I don't know how ready I am to say goodbye!

Although most shops have offers on all the time, there is nothing like feeling "special" when your favourite shop offers "student discounts". It's already a daunting aspect, becoming an adult, paying your own bills and living life without the student loan, but the prospect of paying full price for a pair of jeans is not exciting at all! I do however have a little "secret". If you buy an NUS card one month before the end of your University studies, you can use it for a further 3 years once you've graduated!!! Quick, go and grab yours now (they're only £32 for 3 years!)

Of course there are some things I really won't miss about university, like writing essays and trying to manage to fund for my social life, but the fact of the matter is, being a student at Sheffield Hallam has been one of the best experiences I've ever had. I've grown so much as a person and I am a much more confident person. Make the most of your university experience, because once it's gone, you'll be lost! I know I will look back on these past 4 years as some of the best years of my life.


  1. I always wondered if you could get away with buying an NUS card in your last year, deffo doing that!! xx

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