Hey everyone! Today I thought I would do a fun little tag post which is The Summer Tag. I've done a few tags before which you can find HERE, HERE and HERE, so I thought I'd do this one too! I haven't been tagged by anybody in particular to do this but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless and feel free to all do it yourselves too!
1. What is your favourite thing about Summer?
SUNSHINE & having a tan.

2. Do you have a favourite summer drink?

I love Mojito's because they are fresh but I also love a good glass of Coca Cola from the glass bottle (I don't know why but it tastes so much nicer from a glass bottle).

3. Is there a special place you like to visit each summer?
Not particularly. I just like to spend time with my family & friends. It doesn't really matter where, although I'd LOVE to go back to Santorini as it holds so many amazing memories! :)

4. What's your favourite make up look for summer?
Definitely the glowy look. I suffer with dry skin anyway and much prefer having dewy make up with a strong highlight of course!

5. Dresses or Skirts?
Oooo, that's actually a tough one. I would always have said dresses hands down in previous years but this last year I've loved wearing skirts with crop tops, so I'd probably say skirts.

6. Festivals or Vacations?
I definitely prefer holidays but I always loved going to Glastonbury too.

7. What is your signature summer hairstyle?

Literally just leaving it to do nothing. I can never really be arsed to sort my hair out on holiday so I tend to just go in the pool and then let it dry!

8. What is your signature summer scent?

I love Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream or a Ghost scent in the orange bottle.

9. Pool or Beach?
Don't get me wrong I love the beach but the pool is definitely my favourite. I love how you can just relax by yourself with no distractions!!

10. BBQ or Seafood?

Seafood. I love a good Paella :) I do loved BBQ's though so it's a tough call.

11. Do you tan or burn?
I burn really easily. I wish that I tanned but it just never really happens!!

12. Favourite Summer Song?
It's a hard choice because every year there are so many new songs out all the time.

So there we go! There's my answers to the Summer Tag! Leave the links to yours in the comments below if you end up doing it! I'd love to read some :)

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