[This post contains gifted items]

A few months back, a company called Born Pretty Store, based in Singapore, contacted me to ask if I want to review their site and a few of their products. I was allowed to pick up to 3-4 items up to $10 and after trying them all out I'm finally bringing to you a little review.

The three items took about 3 weeks to reach me which I expected so that was fine. I found it really hard to choose from everything, but I ended up picking a beauty blender, blackhead pore strip and some eyelashes :)

First here's a little bit about the site:
- You get a 30 Day money back guarantee
- Free worldwide shipping!
- More than 10,000 products to choose from
- You can pay through PayPal
- It's so so cheap!

Product name: Beauty Blender

What's good about it?
I love how it makes my make up feel as smooth as ever.

What's bad about it?
As you can see from the picture above, it is hard to wash and stains easily.

Would I Repurchase?
Yes, I would definitely buy another beauty blender from this store. For the price it's 100% worth it!

You can purchase a beauty blender here

Product name: Eyelashes

What's good about them?
There are five sets in the pack and they're soo cheap! They also fit well on my eyes and have a soft band which helps them to stay on all night!

What's bad about them?
Nothing I love them!

Would I Repurchase?
For the price, I would definitely repurchase them :)

You can purchase the eyelashes here

Product name: Blackhead Strips

What's good about it?
It was a thick consistency that felt smooth once applied and it peeled off fairly well. It's also so cheap!

What's bad about it?
There are no English instructions so I had to google how you should use it! It's also quite small so you only get one use out of it too!

Would I repurchase?
I don't think I would. It didn't last long and although it was fun it didn't remove that many of my blackheads. I feel as though there would need to be more in the product for it to be worth it!

You can purchase the Blackhead strips here

Good news! with the code DOLH10 you can get 10% off! Go and check out the site!

Bye for now!

Disclaimer: This product was gifted to me however this post is NOT sponsored. All opinions are 100% my own.

*If you would like to work with me for a review or giveaway please don't hesitate to get in contact*

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