Hello you lovely lot! Today's post is a special mid-week edition featuring my must-see picks for Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

If you're in Edinburgh or near the area during August, I HIGHLY recommend you go down and visit the fringe festival. It has such an amazing buzz and atmosphere to it and there is some fantastic talent showcased throughout the city from comedians, drama play's, dancing and even singing! I thought since I went down for the festival fun at the beginning of August it was only right I shared with you my festival favourites!

I've got to say, this was one of my favourites things to see at Fringe! It's set in a cabaret bar and the idea is that Anna is on a blind date at a kareoke bar and each night she improvises the whole date meeting a new actor every night. She does not find out who is her blind date until the show starts and they walk into the room. The whole evening is led by the director who is texting and calling the actors as the evening goes on. It is honestly brilliant and I'd go and watch it every night as each evening would be so different.
Bojana Novakovic is brilliant, funny and really gets the audience involved. It truly was fantastic. I would highly recommend you go and see it. Such a brilliant evening.

Another great watch is Jinx Yeo. My boyfriend and I stumbled across Jinx as we were staying in accommodation nearby the venue he is performing at. We turned up to the bar to get a drink and take in the first evening in Edinburgh when the man behind the bar told us we could go and watch some comedy for free. We jumped at the chance to get involved in the buzz of the festival however we weren't expecting much. We were both very pleasantly surprised. He was brilliant. His set was a mixture of topics all of which brought humour to a small and intimate venue. I recommend!

Becky Owen-Fisher's debut play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival focuses on climate change and is inspired by the stories of female activists who's partners worked undercover as police officers. A couple meet online and fall in love, however all is not well. The acting duo Francesca Dolan and Jordan Turk have an impressive chemistry and it is clear they have a passion for acting. They make you believe in the narration and the play as a whole gives off a sense of empowerment. This is a fantastic debut play by lamp-house theatre company. I highly recommend going to see this. Click HERE to watch a short trailer of the play.

Ben Van Der Velde is another fantastic comedian. We again stumbled across his set (which was packed and understandably). He was funny, engaging and should be more well-known. His humour filled the room and it's just a plus that he looks like Ben from Outnumbered (inside joke!). Seriously though, he was brilliant and it was a fantastic way to end my first time at Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

So, there you have it. Let me know if any of you check out the amazing talent at Fringe. Have any of you been down to the festival? Who would you recommend?!

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