Hello! Despite August being possibly the busiest month so far this year, I've got a fair few favourites to share with you.

Firstly I am going to talk about my beauty favourites. Obviously my first favourite has been glitter! It's been the month of the festival and there has been a lot of glitter involved. I had great fun making everyone sparkle at V festival! I have also been absolutely loving my Ardell Demi Wispies eyelashes. I used to be a big fan of Eyelure 101's however I've recently been loving how natural the Demi Wispies look. I highly recommend them! Another beauty favourite of mine is this Nivea Moisturiser. It's so thick and makes my skin feel so smooth. I use it all over my body!

My fashion favourites this month include my two new Matalan skirts. They fit so well and I just LOVE the colours. At only £14 each they're a bargain. These Primark Bomber Jackets are also a style steal at just £16. I picked up the khaki and blush colours and I'll be going back for the black version too next week! I've also been loving my Black Cap from Newlook. It was great for hiding my greasy hair at V festival but it's also great for shielding the sun and keeping the wind at bay!

Last but not least I have a fair few lifestyle favourites this month as I've been up and down the country here there and everywhere. Of course many many trips are on the list; V festival, London, Edinburgh (especially getting to see my twin sister perform at the Fringe Festival) and the bank holiday for our Garden party! I have also been loving the Olympics and I'm gutted it's all over now!

That’s everything for the month of August. Don’t forget to follow my blog and like this post if you enjoyed it.

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