So it's finally the weekend and this week I haven't been feeling very well so I thought it was about time for a pamper before things get hectic during another working week! I thought I'd share with you guys what I like to do during my pamper evenings!

Of course, first things first it's very important to set the mood with lots of candles! I am a big lover of Yankee candles and although I burnt most of mine before moving into the new flat, my mum kindly sent us some little Yankee candles so I used them. I always enjoy having a bubble bath when I'm pampering myself, and there has to be lots of bubbles in it (because I mean a bath is not a proper bath that when it isn't full of bubbles!)


Once i'm out of the bath, it's time for cozy pj's and my big fluffy dressing gown - and of course my favourite pug slippers!! I also grab a big cup of tea and my favourite chocolate biscuits (a tea is not a tea without biscuits guys, come on!) After I'm feeling nice and relaxed, I start the make up removal process. On my pamper nights I'm not as lazy as usual and do a full cleanse using my Liz Earle cleanse and polish! I also like to smother my face in Nivea's new moisturiser which I've just discovered and LOVE! I might review that in the near future so let me know if it's something you're interested in! Once my face is all cleansed and fresh I sometimes also do a face mask too!

Next up, I love to set up YouTube on my boyfriends Xbox so I can watch it on the big TV Screen! I love watching all my subscriptions and sometimes I also like to paint my nails whilst I'm watching my favourite YouTubers before getting my laptop out and writing up a few blog posts!

So, there you have it, my pamper evening routine! I tend to pamper myself on a Saturday evening when I've not had a busy weekend and it's time to relax and put my feet up and guess what guys - now it's your turn! You deserve it!


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