Sunday, 11 December 2016


Sometimes we all just need to look after ourselves and relax. It's important to treat yourself to things and de stress the body so here are 5 ways I de stress and relax.

1. Go for a walk - Sometimes when you feel a little stressed all you want to do is get some fresh air. I like to wrap up warm during the winter months and go for a walk around the block just to clear my head.

2. Take a bath - Let's face it, bubble baths are legit the best things ever. I love nothing more than running a bubble bath on a cold winter evening, adding a bath bomb from lush and lighting lots of candles. It makes me feel so relaxed and relieves all the stresses.

3. Pamper yourself - As well as a nice bubble bath, it's really important to pamper yourself every once in a while, but especially if you'r feeling stressed. I like to treat myself to a face mask and paint my nails!

4. Treat yourself - It’s ok to treat yourself every now and again! Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to a bar of chocolate or a new top or some beauty bits! It's important to treat yourself every once in a while!

5. Exercise - So i'm not the best with exercising at the moment and I've got myself into a bit of a rut but sometimes exercise can really help me to feel less stressed. Although at the time I don't feel great doing it, I always feel better afterwards!

What do you guys like to do to de stress? Let me know below :)



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