So we're officially half way through the countdown to Christmas, so I thought what better time to have a much needed girly night with my twinny involving face masks, Vlogmas videos and treats.

First things first, the most important thing is being comfy. You cannot have a girly pamper night in if you've not resorted to your favourite Christmas PJ's, your big fluffy onesie or your baggy trackie bottoms! Once you're feeling comfy, the next thing we did was gathered all our cosy blankets and bedded down on the sofa for the evening! Obviously you can't forget the fairy lights too - mine are on the Christmas tree and we've also got some curtain lights up from my graduation party.

Next on your list of priorities, you need to gather together your favourite treats. My personal faves at Christmas time are a big box of celebrations or quality street and a hot chocolate filled with all the marshmallows and flakes!! I mean it's not really a proper girls night in if you don't have treats is it?!

Once you're all comfy and you have your snacks at the ready you need to decide on your choice of film, TV series or YouTube videos... personally I like to either pop Elf at Christmas time on or link up a vlogmas playlist so that I can have it on in the background whilst I have a little pamper - perfect!

To pamper myself I like to take all my make up off and treat my skin to a nice cleanse and a good old face mask. I always paint my nails normally but since I've got my acrylics on I'm already good to go! This time I went for a dark red with gold and I LOVE them! After moisturising and treating the skin it's time to just relax and write up a blog post or two! The perfect Christmas evening!!

What would you do for a perfect pamper night in? Let me know below :)



  1. your bath and chocolate look so good! So nice to see someone else doing blogmas! :) Now following, love your posts :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver || Happy Blogmas!

    1. Thanks so much Erin! Sorry for the late reply - Christmas & New Year was manic. I hope you enjoyed the celebrations! I loved your post on the 2016 stats and 2017 goals! Now following you on Bloglovin too! XX