It's time for you to all find out a little more about me!

One of my favourite singers of all times. I NEED to see her live at some point in my life, she is incredible and the fact that she is so down to earth makes it 1000% times better.

Blogging. My hobby and something that makes me happy.

Cats. My absolute favourite animals. I cannot wait until Jay and I move to a new place with a garden so we can have our own little ball of fluff!

I really miss dancing. I used to dance as a hobby during secondary school and when I was little and I really miss it. Don't get me wrong I dance A LOT on nights out, but it's just not the same!

Events. The industry I work in!

The month I was born.

Grandad. My heroes. I miss them both dearly and think about them everyday. I just hope I've made them proud up there!

Home. My home in Liverpool is my favourite place to escape to when I'm feeling low and just need a pick me up from my mum, dad or nanna!

I am literally obsessed with this app! It's my favourite! Follow me.

Jay. My boyfriend & best friend.

Kardashians: Kris, Khloe, Kourtney, Kim, Kendall & Kylie. Yes, I know I'm kind of cheating, BUT I just LOVE the Jenner/Kardashian clan!

Leeds. My place of work.

Memories. There are so many I cherish and look back on with a huge smile on my face. They also make me feel closer to those that aren't with us anymore!

New York.
It holds so many memories, but most of all, it's where my sister is the happiest!

I am an extremely organised person & I hate not having a plan or to do list in place. Maybe it's my events background hey?!

Primark. My favourite shop everrrr!

Quiet. Although you may not know it, I'm actually really quiet when I first meet new people. You'd think that with me working in the events industry I'm the opposite however I'm so shy and get very anxious in some social situations. Completing my university degree has really helped me overcome some of those fears I had.

Rain. I don't know what it is about rain but I LOVE it when I'm sat inside all cosy and warm writing blog posts and watching YouTube videos when it's pouring down with rain outside. The sound of the rain is so relaxing and makes me feel tranquil!

Sheffield. The place I currently call home (and one that holds a thousand memories).

Twin. Yes, if you didn't already know, I'm a non-identical twin.

University Graduate.
I can now proudly say that in November I will finally be graduating university with a first class honours degree after four long years of studying events. I am so overwhelmed! Yay, Woo, GO ME!

Victoria Secrets.
My guilty pleasure when it comes to buying expensive but cute underwear.

Weight loss. I currently aiming to loose some weight over the next couple of months with an aim of looking and feeling amazing at my graduation in November. Wish me luck!

X-Ray. I've had a few in my lifetime - I've broken my right leg once and my left arm twice!

A guilty pleasure to watch. I don't think I'll ever gain enough confidence to become a YouTuber however I LOVE watching other people's videos and have an ever growing subscription box!

Zzzzzz. I love sleeping but during the week I never feel like I get enough sleep. If I could nap every single day I would.

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