I honestly can't believe how fast this year has gone and the fact that 2016 is nearly over.. seriously, where has time gone?! Today's post is my bucket list for 2017. There are so many things I want to do next year and achieve in my life so I thought I'd share then with you!

So here are some things I want to tick off my bucket list in 2017...

1. Book a holiday to Santorini
Whether it's a holiday in 2017 or 2019 I want to book a holiday to Santorini. It's one of my favourite places ever and I haven't been since I was younger. I really want to take Jay and go and explore the Island in amazing weather with amazing scenery.

2. Move to Leeds
So some of you who've been with me on justkatiee for a while now will know that I got my first grad job 6 months ago working as an events assistant at a Charity based in Leeds. I currently live in Sheffield with my boyfriend but we are looking to move permanently to Leeds from February. I can't wait to be in a new environment and explore another city!

3. Join a gym and get a personal trainer
So i'm hating the way I look at the moment but I'm in a rut and not doing anything about it because I want to start a fresh when I move to Leeds and can find more time to work out. I've had some problems with my foot recently so that's stopped me from running but I am determined to make a huge effort to get myself fitter and overall feeling more healthy.

4. Go to a Christmas Market abroad
My boyfriend and I really wanted to do this this year but we left it a bit late and couldn't find the time or fund during the festive period to go. I am determined to get this ticked off in 2017 - a note to self...It needs to be booked soon or the same thing will happen! 

5. Go on a City break to either Prague, Amsterdam or Iceland with my boyfriend Jay.
My boyfriend and I have always really wanted to go away to all of the above places so I'd love to go on a city break there during 2017 - even if it ties in with the Christmas market.

6. Get to 400 followers on bloglovin
I've tried really hard to get back into blogging again since finishing university forever in May but with starting my new job things have got hectic. In 2017 I want to make a huge effort to blog more often and with better photography and content so that I can keep building my following. I'm currently just over 300 followers and would love to hit at 400 during 2017 so if you want to help a girl out and enjoy reading my blog then subscribe!!

7. Pass my driving test
In March 2017 once I'm all moved up to Leeds i'm FINALLY re-starting my driving lessons. I had 20 lessons back in 2013 but never got round to booking in any more due to being back at university at a different city. Now at work they've given me £500 towards my driving lessons so I thought what better thing to achieve in 2017 than finally getting myself on the road! Wish me luck and look out Leeds!!

8. Loose at least a stone

Like I mentioned earlier, I want to put a real focus in on loosing weight in 2017 and getting myself back in shape and happy with my body. So by joining the gym, following a healthy eating plan and potentially getting a PT, hopefully this time next year I will look different ;)

What's on your 2017 bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

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