How is it already nearly February? Like whattttt!? January has gone so fast but it's been an exciting month! My boyfriend and I signed for our new flat, I went down to Wimbledon to visit one of my best friends and it was my Brother's birthday! I've been loving a lot of things in January and so today I thought I'd share them all with you.


Ed Sheeran - Castle on the Hill
So it's no surprise that everyone has been just as obsessed as I am with Ed Sheeran's new single Castle on the Hill. It's such a catchy song and I can honestly say I've had it on repeat for the best part of the month (I literally listen to it every single day at work). Jay and I are hoping to go and see him on his UK tour this year so keep your fingers crossed that we get tickets!!

Little Mix - Touch
Another song I've been loving this month has bee Touch by Little Mix. It's such a feel good, up beat song and definitely one that will brighten your day. I feel like this is a good song to keep you motivated in the gym or one for pre drinks before your night out!

Filippo Berio Garlic Olive Oil
Earlier on this month I was sent a lovely package from Filippo Berio and one of the products I received was the Garlic Olive Oil. OMG, this is a game changer. Some of you may know if you follow me on social media that I am obsessed with Sweet Potato Fries/Wedges/Cubes; basically any form of sweet potato and in order to make mine perfect I usually use any ordinary olive oil but this has changed my life!!! Because the olive oil is infused with garlic it gives them a little edge and just makes them even tastier. Certainly a good way to make a salad better!

Water & Lemon
I'm trying to be better with my diet and fitness throughout January. New Year, New Me and all that! But seriously I'm really trying and I've found that by adding slices of lemon to my water, it's really helping me to drink more. Water is pretty much all a drink to be honest unless it's a cup of tea or I'm going out and I am pretty good at drinking lots but I wanted to be a bit more adventurous. Lemon is also meant to help with weightloss too.


Hannah Gale
My obsession with Hannah Gale's blog continues. I have been loving her blog this month. She's just so relatable and her posts are really inspiring. She really motivates me and make me want to go out and enjoy my life. I think she's a beautiful girl inside and out and you should all go and check her blog out if you haven't already - I mean, if you haven't then where the hell have you been. She's a serious babe.

Gemma Louise
I've now been following Gemma since about September 2016. I followed her journey with baby Reuben Oliver (I mean, how friggen cute is that name!), and her photogrpahy is gorgeous. Shes another blogger who inspires me and I really enjoy reading her posts!

Dena Jayne
Again, like Gemma I've not been following Dena for too long but I have been loving her blog this month. She's on a fitness journey like me so she's really inspiring me to keep going and helping keep me motivated and on track. I think she's really down to earth and seems like a lovely girl. She's also from Bradford and I'm moving to Leeds soon so I feel like we have that in common too. She's such a babe. Go follow her!!


Brogan Tate XO
Ok so I'm not being funny, if you don't follow Brogan where the hell have you been? I've been a loyal follower since the start and I've watched Brogan's channel grow year on year and she deserves all the success she has. She is honestly one of the most down to earth girls I think I've ever come across. I would LOVE to meet her one day because I feel like we're so similar and would be great friends. I am so proud of how far she's come and all of her success and I have been binge watching all her weekly vlogs and old videos this month and I love them! As I write this I am also watching her latest video. I think she's amazing and a total babe. Seriously, go give her a follow and show her some love!

Elle Darby
I've only been following Elle since the beginning of the month but I've been loving her videos. I'm trying to get into health and fitness as I've mentioned before and I think Elle is a great inspiration for getting fit and healthy. She's absolutely stunning for one and she seems like a right laugh!! Go subscribe!

Jodes is another gal that I think I could be great friends with. She's just like me and I love that about her. She's got such a vibrant personality that shines through her videos and she is another very down to earth girl! Her videos are amazing quality and I get excited every time she uploads a video. If you're not subscribed yet go and give her some love!

Mark Ferris
Mark is absolutely fucking hilarious. Like honestly, if you're having a bad day, just watch one of Mark's videos and he will instantly make you smile from ear to ear. He is so honest, and just in general such a lovely person. Subscribe!!


Pandora Square Diamond Ring

My mum and dad bought me the most beautiful silver diamond Pandora ring for Christmas and I have not taken it off since I got it. It is insanely beautiful and makes your hand look so feminine and looks even better with a tan. I would highly recommend this ring if you lovely pretty jewellery pieces and want something sparkly on your hand.

Aviator Jacket
Another coat favourite is my beautiful Aviator Jacket from Pretty Little Thing which my mum and dad bought me for Christmas. It is SO warm and I feel so sassy when I wear it. It looks great paired with jeans and heeled boots or even a skirt and tights! It's so versatile and I absolutely love it.

Adidas Gazelles

My baby pink Adidas Gazelles were my favourite Christmas present from my Boyfriend Jay and I've worn them practically every day since Christmas Day. They're the most gorgeous colour and look great with a skirt and tights or jeans rolled up. I think they can be dressed down or dressed up and the best thing about them is that they are SO comfortable. Highly Recommend!


Sleek Highlighter Kit

I love being bronzed and I love having a glow and this highlighter kit from Sleek has been one of my firm favourites for this month! I mean look at the glow it gives. The thing I like most about this is it has four shades so it great if one day you're fancying a golden highlight and the next you want a more white shimmer. It's a bargain too!

Straight Hair

Since I took my extensions out, I've hardly curled my hair. I think it's more the fact that it was such an effort to have to do when I had extensions that now I cannot be arsed! I like to curl my hair on special occasions but for day - to - day I just keep my hair straight and I've been loving it. My hair is naturally straight so it's minimum upkeep for me which is what I've needed for my commute to work!

There you have it, my January favourites. What have you all been loving throughout January?! Let me know below.


  1. Love these favourites! Totally feel the same way about Marks videos!


    1. He's just so happy and can cheer you up instantly! Thanks for the love XX